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GentleCare Solutions is dedicated to producing the finest quality skin care products designed to enhance the quality of life for our customers.

We would never produce or market a product that we would not use ourselves or recommend to a friend or family member.

Our alcohol free hand sanitizer is great for everyday use in the fight against harmful disease causing germs and bacteria. Our luxurious foaming sanitizer is fragrance free, dye free, sting free and non flammable.

Staph Infections in Schools

The battle between Students and Staph!

Incorporating GentleCare Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer into your facility will not only help to combat M.R.S.A., it will also work to reduce absenteeism due to colds, flu and other harmful disease causing germs and bacteria. Click for more...

Did you know? 1 Gallon of GentleCare Alcohol Free Hand & Skin Sanitizer will provide a 12 student classroom with enough sanitizer for the entire school year. 4 applications per 12 students per 180 school days equals 8,640 uses.

One Gallon Per Class is all it takes!
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